Architectural Illustration
and 3-D Rendering
New Market Professional Center - New Market Maryland
Six bays of commercial office space designed to blend with downtown
Historic New Market.
Mallards Restaurant - New Market Maryland
Addition with Historic Commission Approval
Bennett Creek Veterinary Center - Clarksburg, Maryland
Wayman AME Church - Frederick, Maryland
Custom Home - Frederick, Maryland
Architectural Concepts Group can provide hand drawn and colored renderings as well
as  3-D computer representations of existing or proposed buildings for sales purposes,
historic preservation submittal or homeowner association approvals.  Renderings bring
plans and elevations to life, giving space and shape to design ideas.  The ability to see
building features as they will actually appear ensures that the final product will meet
expectations and allows for changes to be made before ground is ever broken, a
significant cost and time saving measure.
Concepts Group, INC.