~ Historic Preservation/Renovation  ~
26 East Patrick Street, Frederick MD

This circa 1904 18,000 sq ft historic building
was converted to 10 luxury style 2 bedroom
apartments while maintaining retail space on
the first floor, incorporating modern
residential living requirements into the
growing, vibrant downtown Frederick area.  
Working in close conjunction with the City of Frederick's Historic District Commission,  Planning
and Zoning Department and Permit Department succeeded expedited approvals to keep the
renovation project on schedule.
Photographs of the original storefront were
used to restore architectural details to the
building exterior while incorporating street
front access to the new upper level living

The restored storefront uses the original
central entry and window display scheme,
incorporating period details in molding and
door styles. The same details are picked up
in the new entry door to the apartments to the
left of the storefront.

The apartments were designed to marry
current standards of safety, accessibility and
construction with the period charm of the
Concepts Group, INC.