ArchitecturalConcepts Group, INC.
~ Government Buildings ~
Kearneysville, West Virginia
New Regional Department of Motor Vehicles Office
8,080 square foot one floor metal building including 3,000 square foot open lobby
area with bank type countering and drive through window, offices, conference room,
driver testing room, employee break room with kitchen area, two public and two
employee rest rooms. Adjacent parking is provided for 75 vehicles and a 40' x 80'
paved motorcycle test course.  

This facility was delivered over a week ahead of schedule and  Don R. Godbey,
Director of DMV Facility Management, called it "a delight" and "the crowning jewel
of our 24 locations."  The Journal Newspaper declared "Contrary to the usual
utilitarian atmosphere of many government offices, the DMV facility boasts carpeted
floors, dark wood paneling, artfully exposed ductwork and lights suspended from
soaring 26 foot high ceilings."