Commercial office Space - 2
New Market Professional Center, New Market, MD
Computer Rendering
of Proposed Design
Interior Views
New Market Professional Center is a
new 9,600 square foot professional
office building.  The building was
designed to provide 6 bays of tenant
space with roughly 1,600 sq. ft per
bay.  The finished project offers
productive, modern office space for a
variety of businesses while preserving
small town aesthetic appeal.
This design-build project established the
regional headquarters for CellularOne.  The
building is a 2-story structure of approximately
24,000 sq.ft. per floor.  Common areas include
elevator, stairs, toilet rooms, fire sprinkler,
mechanical and electrical rooms.  

The building was designed for flexibility of use
so that it could be easily reconfigured for
expansion or occupied by multiple tenants if
required in the future, ensuring a longer useful
life cycle.

ACG also designed more than 45 CellularOne
stores and tenant build-outs in retail centers
from Amarillo, Texas to Ketch
ikan, Alaska.
49,110 square foot Office Building
Frederick Earthworks, Frederick MD
10,000 sq ft metal warehouse  
and adjacent 3,225 sq ft office
Completed Offices
CellularONE Headquarters: Frederick, Maryland
Concepts Group, INC.