Concepts Group, INC.
Commercial office Space
Computer Rendering
of Proposed Design
Completed Building Entrance
Aerial View of Completed Structure
Interior Views
of Sales Office
& Warehouse
with interior
slab selection
Computer Rendering of Proposed Design
Completed Office Building
Interior Views
New 35,800 sq. ft  2 story 'vanilla box' office building.   Design
features included core toilets, janitor closet, electrical room,
elevator and elevator machine room.  
Avanti Marble & Granite Offices and Warehouse
Knowledge Farms Phase I
ACG also provided tenant build out
design services for many of the
building's new tenants, including
medical and dental offices as well as
conventional office space.  See the
completed spaces on our Medical
Offices and Tenant Fit outs pages.
2009 FCBA`Award Winner
Best Commercial Design